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One of the biggest ongoing challenges I see with Maven lies in discovering the groupId and artifactId of various public libraries.

I recently stumbled upon a website that provides a robust search on top of the maven central repository. provides search and browse capabilities on top of the Maven central repository.¬† They’ve got tag clouds and other features as well.¬† You can search by groupId, Artifact, or any part of the description.¬† I’ve had much success with this site on recent projects.

2 thoughts on “Search Maven Central Repository”

  1. The maven plugin for eclipse can do this directly. Also generally a google search for maven2 and the name of the library generally turns up the mvn repository & location.

  2. is another maven repository search engine that you might find useful. In addition to artifact (groupId and artifactId) search, it allows you to search for classes in the maven repository and get their dependency information. You can also view source code and javadocs online if they are available.

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